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Let us work our magic and be your "outsourced office assistant".

I started JL Billing Services in 1990 with many years of experience. I started my business with just four clients and built it up to a current number of 21 clinics and counting. My patience and optimistic outlook on life has helped me in dealing with insurance companies, to work towards a positive solution in the processing and timely payment of insurance claims. Loving the process and what I can accomplish for a client is very rewarding to me. My artistic side comes out as co-designer and co-editor of our quarterly newsletter, which keeps me on my toes and in-touch with other clinics in our area.


I come to JL billing Services with over a decade of experience in the billing/accounting field.  I embrace the ever changing technology of the insurance industry. Anything that allows me to be more efficient, accurate and helpful to our clients and staff is a huge plus for everyone involved.

I have several years experience in the medical billing field and I was previously a buyer for a pharmaceutical company. I love the detail work and the accuracy required to balance all accounts every month. I am also co-designer and co-editor of our quarterly newsletter "In Psych". Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher are my forte.

I bring with me, 30 plus years working in the medical transcription field. This experience has taught me how important accuracy is, which is imperative in the billing field in order to get claims paid with the initial submission.

Having a file room all to myself. What more could I ask for? A very important job it is and cannot be done by just anyone. I have been filing for JL Billing Services since 1990, and I am told that no one could do it better. A few have tried (while I was away for the winter months) but none can compare.

Andrea - Our "Outsourced" Benefit Verifier
Checking benefits is a very important first step in the billing process, as some insurance compaines require prior authorization and will not even backdate one day. Andrea, being a previous employee, has over 14 years experience and is our benefit specialist.