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Lynn Vice, Psy.D

Relationship Communication Center
Anthony Kubicki, LICSW
Elaine Kubicki, LPC

River of Life Counseling & Consulting
Pamela F. Elgin, LCSW

Cardassi Professional Counseling
Larry Cardassi, PHD
414-259-0205 x3

Living Your Design
Pamela Merten, LCSW

Milwaukee Wellness
Wendy Walsh, LCSW

Parkview Counseling
Dennis Shirk, LCSAC
Nancy Shirk, LCSAC

Therapies East
Trish Miller, LCSW
414-278-7980 x307

Genesis Counseling
Gary Gregg, Psy. D

Lifespan Family Services
Thomas Lehman, Ph.D.

Hal Dessel, MSW

Riverview Psychotherapy
Jude Ford, LCSW
Laura Pagel, LPC

Temenos Counseling Services
Fred Gustafson, D.Min.


Customer Comments

  1. “After experiencing their services for thirteen years, I declare with great gratitude that JL Billing Services (Judy, Jennifer, Laura and staff) is a therapist’s best friend!  Their services are outstanding in professional competence and personal responsiveness.  With countless hours of knowledgeable and skillful interaction yearly with providers, clients and insurance companies, I would strongly nominate them as expert witnesses for compassionate mental health care reform!!”

    Hal Dessel, LCSW, CADC III
    (414) 221-9293 
  1.   “Since 1998 when I became sick and tired of being sick and tired of insurance company hassles Judy (and her staff of JL Billing Services) have professionally, efficiently and courteously handled this nightmare billing burden for our clinic.

    JL Billing Services has always answered patient questions, resubmissions when  insurance companies go crazy and kept us informed of what is next.  Our  collection rates and processing speed have always been very good.  All the  therapists at our clinic work closely with Judy and her staff and are impressed by  their effectiveness at solving our billing issues.  Because of Judy, we have one  less issue to handle in our practice.  Thanks JL Billing Services.” 

    Tom Lehman, PhD
    Lifespan Family Services
    (262) 784-1121 
  1. “Having JL Billing Services do our billing is one of the best business decisions we have made in a long, long time.”

    Dennis Shirk, LCSAC
    Nancy Shirk, LCSAC

    Parkview Counseling Associates
    (414) 529-3000 

  1. “Judy and her staff are great!”  “They have been doing my billing for 25 years.  They are thorough, skilled and very professional.  My collection rate with them is outstanding.  It is a relief to not have to deal with billing and to know my billing will be done so well”

    Lynn Vice, PsyD
    (414) 271-7442 
  1. “For more then a decade we’ve had the good fortune of having our billing (and more important, collecting) done by JL Billing Services.  Their perseverance and tenacity have earned them the title of “Insurance Gladiators”.  Our mantra on paperwork day is “Thank God for Judy, Jennifer and Laura”.

    Anthony Kubicki, LICSW
    Elaine Kubicki, LPC

    (262) 786-0411 

  2. I have enjoyed working with Judy and her team for over seven years. They offer personalized service to my client and me. They are great at handling the complexities of insurance billing and making sure that my services are properly reimbursed. I love those "$0" balances.

    Trish Miller, LCSW
    Therapies East Associates
    414-278-7980 x307

  3. We have been practicing psychologist's for over 50 years. We have had a number of billing people, but never one as capable, friendly and professional as Judy. We recommend her to any practitioner.

    Samuel Friedman Ph.D
    Marlene Trachsel Ed.D